Herzlich willkommen im Namen von Penni.io

We offer insurance to human beings - your end-customers - with timing and surgical precision. 

You know, embedded insurance. 

We’re here to move the mindset, inspire insurance providers to enter into digital partnerships and embed personalised, relevant insurance. 

Create and scale insurance offers with our platform Penni Connect, which is: 

1 White-label
Easily customise widgets to blend seamlessly with digital partners.

2 Built on in-depth insights 
Create smooth customer journeys based on human behaviour. 

3 Conversion-optimised
Get actionable data to boost sales performance.

4 Industry tailored
Easily plug into your existing IT systems. 

Plug & play
Start selling in any digital channel in less than a month.

Scale your digital distribution strategy with just one platform.

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Do 28.10.2021 / 12:15 bis 12:45 Uhr / Kongress: Kongress InsurTech

From underwriting journeys to customer journeys supporting a decision!

mit Simon Bentholm (Digital Strategy Executive )
Unser Team auf der DKM
Annette Weber Chief Sales Officer  vor Ort
Esben Seyffart Sorensen Business Development Director  Digital und vor Ort
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